Afghani aka Afghanistan Marijuana

Afghan Afghani Marijuana

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Afghani Marijuana Strains

The origins of this seed strain come from Afghanistan and travel to Holland. Afghani has big round fat leaves and the same beautiful big fat buds. It usually has a rich smooth hash like heavy smoke taste. The Afghani marijuana plant tends to be very bushy and will yield large amounts of very sticky buds. Well known for excellent growth because it originated in mountainous conditions and over thousands of years a very stocky, sturdy and disease resistant plant was produced. Great for the outdoors and even better indoor or greenhouse.
10 seeds = 25.00

Outdoor Marijuana Strain
Type : Indica
Yield : up to 700 gram / square meter
Height : 250-300 cm
Climate : outdoor / greenhouse
Flowering period 8/10 wk's
Harvest: end of Sept

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